Training Costs

This page can be used as a guide and all prices are correct as of 12th November 2020.

Training packs

Ocean Diver – £ 50

Ocean Diver Additional family member – £40

Sports Diver – £40

Dive Leader – £40

Advanced Diver – £40

Training Dives

Training dives will be charged at £65 per day, this includes a maximum ratio of 1:2 with a rescue diver for Ocean Diver training.

Any training that can be conducted during club activity is not charged at this rate.

This would make a total cost of Ocean diver training £310 including training pack, this does not include club membership or BSAC Membership.

For comparison the PADI equivalent course is £418 +£119 to become an enriched air diver.

We achieve this because all our instructors are volunteers and freely give up their own time to train our members, once qualified as an ocean diver we would prefer to conduct training as part of club events in order that we don’t need to charge for training dives.

Skill development courses

We are able to offer SDCs upon request.