Diving Costs

The costs of diving can vary from site to site but for club organised events all dives will be paid for in advance. Unfortunately we must take the full amount prior to any diving event as a deposit, this means that if a member is unable to attend for whatever reason the rest of the club don’t have to pick up any tabs.

Also if a club member has membership to any dive site the appropriate amount will be deducted from the below prices. All prices quoted include air and fuel contributions as we will always strive to group members into as few vehicles as possible.

Vobster quay – inland dive site £44 – 3 dives

Chepstow NDAC – inland dive site £50 – 3 dives

Stoney Cove – inland dive site £60 – 3 dives

South coast hard boat – £84 – 2 dives

All prices are for air fills only and Nitrox will cost extra, prices are subject to change and do not include food and drink for the day.


In addition to single day dives club members do organise overnight trips and foriegn trips, all club diving will be advertised through the Events Tab (Link to FB)